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Hi, I’m Kerry, I’m a self-confessed animal nut based in South Africa. I’m the one who visits a friend, only to run and hug and say hello to their pets before I have greeted that friend... I guess I am just a soppy animal lover and after I got my two beagle kids I became even worse...

After many, many years of theatre and lifestyle photography, I decided to concentrate my photographic and creative talents on animals and so Pawgeous was born...

I believe that having pets make us better people and they can teach us so many important lessons in life. Mine, for one, have taught me to laugh every single day with their silly beagle ways... So, I guess that being silly everyday is a must.


I love getting down on the ground and getting ready to capture the crazy hound that is running towards me with his slobbery ball. I love seeing that goofy face and the floppy ears flapping about. I love just capturing the energy, love and character that animals possess...

I'll do whatever it takes to get THE shot...crawling in dirt included... It's just what I do and I love every minute of it!!


Along with the photography, my beagle kids – Ollie and Zoe, also taught me a heck load about bringing up dogs. No matter how much prep you do before you get a pup, it’ll never be enough! So, I also have a blog, which, as well as showcasing all my pawgeous pics, gives pet owners some helpful tips and hints. Oh, and I also have some cool products on offer soon too!




photographer -graphic designer -wife -chocolate lover -beagle mum

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