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just a few hints and tips to help you and your pooch prepare for the shoot...

Choose a location that you and your pooch are comfortable and familiar with.        


If you would like more relaxed photo’s, try to walk your pooch before the shoot.


Practice 'sit', 'stay', 'fetch', and 'roll-over' commands with your pooch before the shoot - if you need to.


Try not to feed them beforehand if you can help it, as treats come in handy when trying to get their attention ;)


Make sure you have their favourite toys handy to entice and also to capture some great images of you playing with them! 

Remember to be relaxed with your pooch during the photo shoot and use positive reinforcement. I’m pretty patient and don’t like to rush, so just enjoy the session and your pooch will too.


Feel free to prepare any nice blankets or backdrops or even props if you have any you would like to include. Feel free to even get the Christmas decorations out if you would like to dress them up for the occasion and use the photo as part of a Christmas card!  From engagement to baby announcements...The ideas are endless.


If you also want to be in the photos, try to wear colours that do not blend in with your pooch and make them disappear...  Solid colours without fussy patterns that contrast with your pooch, work best.


If you have any particular shots in mind, be sure to let me know.


Last of all... The photo shoot is about capturing your pooch and his or her character... Have a think and make a note of their favourite places to sit, to climb or to hide... It could be the bathtub, the car or even a cupboard – let’s capture them there too! If they make the goofiest of faces when running towards you with a coke bottle, let me know! If you love to cuddle on the sofa with them, lets capture that. I want to capture the essence of them...


P.S. Whilst I mainly do pooch pawtraits, I love all animals and will happily accommodate any other pets you may have as well.